• Johnson Creek Area Commerce

     520 Hartwig Blvd.

    Johnson Creek, WI 53038

    Ph: 920-699-4949


    Executive Director: Tammi Vetrano


  • About Us

    Crossroads with a Future

    At the intersection of I-94 and State Highway 26, Johnson Creek is located halfway between Madison and Milwaukee (East/West) and between Rockford IL and Oshkosh WI (North/South).  The Village of Johnson Creek has a growing business community and abundant land new development.


    Johnson Creek known by many names such as Johnson’s Creek, “Crick”, and Johnson “Crick” is named after Timothy Johnson; one of the first settlers in the village, the slogan of Johnson Creek is Crossroads with a Future.   Location, Location, Location at the crossroads of I-94 and Hwy 26 provides future growth opportunities.