• Johnson Creek Area Commerce

     520 Hartwig Blvd.

    Johnson Creek, WI 53038

    Ph: 920-699-4949


    Executive Director: Tammi Vetrano


  • THEDER Lawn Service

    Mission Statement

    To serve our customers with dignity and respect. To treat people the way we ourselves would like to be treated. To work with integrity, be proud of our work and to treat all property as if it were our own

    Landscape Management

    1. Lawn Care Services
      Mowing, rolling, lawn edging, weed control, fertilizing, spring and fall clean-ups, aeration, and thatching
    2. Tree & Shrub Care Services
      Fertilizing, trimming, pruning, spring and fall clean-ups, weeding and mulching
    3. Snow Maintenance
      Snow plowing, snow removal and ice control
    • Lawn Care Services
    • Tree, Shrub & Garden Care
    • Fertilization
    • Weed Control
    • Snow Maintenance
    • Free Estimates
    • Fully Insured


    Early Spring…

    balanced fertilizer with crab grass control

    Summer Application …

    a slow released balanced fertilizer

    Fall Application…

    specially blended end of the season winterizer

    Weed Control

    Spring and Early Fall…

    liquid application of herbicide to control broad leaf weeds

    Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

    Theder Lawn service provides you with complete lawn services. We also provide snow removal to keep your property accessible and safe. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing you with quality services. References available upon request.