• Johnson Creek Area Commerce

     520 Hartwig Blvd.

    Johnson Creek, WI 53038

    Ph: 920-699-4949


    Executive Director: Tammi Vetrano


  • Creekfest

    Planning for Creekfest 2008 is underway, but we NEED YOUR HELP!!!

    We have had meetings to discuss the planning for this years festival and will have another meeting June 19th at 7:00 pm at The Legion. If you are a not for profit organization in the Johnson Creek area and would be interested in fund raising through this years festival, please come to this meeting. ¬†You may be surprised at how this festival will be “sharing the wealth” and the changes in store for this years festival.

    Upcoming meetings are scheduled for July 17, July 31, and Aug 7.

    If you are unable attend please contact Connie at the Chamber office at 699-4949