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    Johnson Creek Fireman's Picnic--Saturday, August 1, 2015

    Join your neighbors for a day of fun--we've got lot's of activities planned throughout the day!

    • Area firefighter teams will battle in waterfights
    • Fun games and activities for kids
    • Bounce house
    • Horse shoe tournament
    • Hot air balloon rides
    • Live music: The David Marshall Band
    • Fireworks

    More details coming--check back!!!

  • Breakfast with Lt. Gov. Kleefisch

    Left to Right: Laurie Adams, Bonnie Hertel, Mitch Weyer, Mike Wendt, Mark Johnsrud JC Village Administrator, Lt. Governor Kleefisch, John Swisher JC Village President, Steve Wollin, Leigh Price


    Lt. Governor Kleefisch addresses Johnson Creek Chamber of Commerce
    The Johnson Creek Chamber of Commerce members welcomed Lt. Governor Kleefisch to a member breakfast at Midpoint Eatery & Sports Pub on April 30th.
    The Lt. Governor Kleefisch spoke to the group about the progress Wisconsin and the U.S. have made in recovering from the recession.  Kleefisch spoke about the reforms being introduced in the state of Wisconsin that will continue to provide tax relief and increase workforce opportunities for Wisconsin workers.
    Some of the reforms she highlighted are the efforts to combine Wisconsin Government Agencies to gain efficiency and be smarter about where tax dollars are spent.  She also talked about the tax relief funded $35 million Wisconsin Fast Forward program, which is being used to attract more job creators to Wisconsin and to support the small businesses in Wisconsin.  She noted that over 60% of the new jobs in the state are at small businesses, those with fewer than 100 employees—adding that the Wisconsin small business sector leads all other Midwest states with a 41% success rate of still being in business over 10 years. 
    Lt. Governor Kleefisch also spoke about workforce development and the challenges that employers in the state face due to a shortage of qualified people that are ready to go to work.  To address this, $10 million from the WI Fast Forward program will be used to train people with disabilities and fund a dual-enrollment program so high school students can take technical college credits while still in high school.  Another $28 from the fund is being used to increase class capacity at Wisconsin’s technical colleges—eliminating the waiting lists for courses—so more students can move through in a shorter timeframe and trained employees will be available sooner for the jobs that need to be filled.
    The Lt. Governor stressed that tax reform continues to be a priority for the Walker administration and to the citizens of Wisconsin.  “Regardless of your political stripes, everyone cares that we all recover from the recession, everyone cares that their friends, families and neighbors are doing well, that’s what makes a vibrant community and that’s what makes a successful state”.

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